Mineable and interactive Rocks with spawning ores Replicated

Try game asset Mineable and interactive Rocks with spawning ores Replicated 4.26 Unreal Engine for your project.

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To configure a stone: create a child blueprint of the BP_stonecutting_Master. 

Here you are able to configure:

• Respawn yes/no and time

• Which Ores to spawn

• How many ores to spawn per layer

• How many hits are required to break each layer

• Which class can trigger the hit on the rock

• Inactivity time and reset

• Stone break sound

• Which Mesh to use as a rock

• The destructible mesh from the same rock

• Which decal to use (ore veins)

• And much more!

Apex plugin is required: Go to Edit -> Plugins -> Apex Destruction Enabled

Each Interactive Rock Consists of three layers with different scale

 and spawn points for ores.

This is all automatically handled within the master blueprint

Ore Types

After a rock layer is mined, an ore is spawned. 

This ore is a blueprint actor so you are able to configure it for your inventory system.

The ores you see here are configured as a Child Blueprint from the Ore_Master Blueprint. You only need to configure the master.

The child actors can be used to difer the static mesh or any other variable such as amount of gold, silver, stone etc.

Technical Details


  • On high demand of the Discord Community: Point based damage logic for e.g. ESRPG Integration
  •  Stonecutting_Master to configure easily all the types of rock you need and every setting you can think of.
  •  Ore_Master to configure all the ores including camera facing text
  •  7 predefined different rocks and ores: Gold, Iron, Copper, Silver, Uranium, Coal, Stone
  • Pickaxe Character which swings the pickaxe at the rocks, including animation, particle, mesh and sound effects
  • Including example Rocks of different types
  • Replicated!

Number of Blueprints: 20

Meshes: 11

Materials: 7 and 21 instances

Network Replicated: Yes!

Documentation: Heavily commented blueprints and examples. Also an overview map with documentation. Besides that an active Discord community with one on one contact with the developer (That is me, Eric)

Important/Additional Notes: Apex plugin required for destructible meshes.

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