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Our Procedural Road Generator aka PRG, designed for Next Gen Development, allow you to create road like you have never seen before! it features everything you need to create Next Gen Road with an extreme attention to detail generation as well as making your workflow a lot much easier, faster and boosting creativity and productivity! PRG not only allow you to create road but also generates caves, path, tunnels, bunkers and support many more generations!

Ideal for generating Post-Apocalyptic Road, Ultra detailed Road with a full artistic Control on every aspect of Road Creation!

Yes it supports Marketplace Meshes, Custom Meshes, Custom Blueprints and Quixel Megascans Meshes and Materials!

Imagine as you draw your custom road/path, everything is automatically placed (ranging from decals, scattered details, small meshes details, road damages, materials and everything you want...) according to your needs, isn't that magic? this is what this tool does!

-Note: this tool is part of our Next Gen Modular City v3 and Next Gen Modular Victorian Neoclassical City both supporting Exterior and Interiors

Technical Details


  • Can Automatically Replace your old road generator by Using a special designed Editor Utility Blueprint.
  • ï»żSupport of Custom Meshes, Blueprints and Quixel Megascans Meshes!
  • Procedurally Generate Custom Road
  • Procedurally Generate Custom Path
  • Procedurally Generate Custom Cave
  • Procedurally Generate Custom Tunnel
  • Procedurally Generate Custom Bunker
  • Support Custom Fence Generation and more generation than you can imagine!
  • Artist Driven Procedural Road/Spline Generation
  • Dynamic meshes and Blueprints Spawning
  • Unified content pipeline
  • Fully Randomizable Systems
  • Spline and Array Based
  • Advanced Material System
  • Seeded Systems
  • Non-Destructive workflow
  • Prefabrication Support
  • Automatic Road-Bridge Switching
  • Procedural and Manual Editing supported
  • Can be baked and/or Merged with UE4 Merging Tools

Number of Blueprints: 53 [ 3 Mains Blueprints & 50 Prefabs + Modules Blueprints]

Supported Development Platforms: All Unreal Supported Developpment Platforms

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: In Editor Step by Step Tutorial Included

Important Note: Buildings are part of Next Gen Modular Victorian Neoclassical City and Next Gen Modular City V3 and were created using Procedural Building Generator! Vehicles are from Vehicle Variety Pack, bunker meshes are from Bunker, tunnels are from City Subway Tunnel and none is included!

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