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Music matters!
Windows | Mac | Linux | Android
Have you ever wanted to implement radio stations but don't want (or can't) pay an horrendous amount of money?Whenever you like to provide good sound from famous artists for your games or apps, tune in on one of the uncountable Internet MP3 and OGG radio stations available for free.
Thanks to this asset, it is now possible for all Unity developers to listen to high quality sound without additional charges. We also implemented a unique sound visualizer in the demo scene, which you can modify to your liking.
Radio stations
Thousands of internet radio stations: test the demo with your favourite channels!
Receive music from your own server (e.g. Icecast, VLC server etc.)
Performance: Very low impact on performance!
No limits: Does survive changing scenes! The music is not interrupted even during load operations!
Good start: Contains more than 500 high-quality radio stations!
MP3 & OGG: Works with any MP3 and OGG settings (e.g. bit rate 32-500kbit/s)
• Read the lyrics of the current track!
• Open Spotify with the current track!
Information about the current and upcoming track (title, artist)
• Details like downloaded data, total play time and requests
History of all played tracks per station!
Save the songs of a station as WAV files!
• Tune into multiple stations at the same time (and blend between stations)
Flexible & expandable
• Support for loading and saving of user-managed lists
Configurable via Shoutcast ID, PLS, M3U, XSPF and text files (external / local)
Easy adaptation and extension opportunities for existing radio stations!
• Pre-configured radio station providers for resources, files and URLs. Deliver the radios your way or implement your own provider (e.g. for XML, JSON)!
Reads and saves M3U, PLS and XSPF files
Filter & order
Filter and order (ascending/descending) the radio stations by:
• Name
• Format
• Station URL
• Bitrate
• Genres
• Rating
• City
• Country
• Language
OnRadio integration
Access the full OnRadio API of the following services:
• Playlist (matching songs/stations for a query)
• Reco2 (matching or similar songs for a given artist)
• Topsongs (top songs of a genre)
• Station
• DARStation (details of the current station)
• SongArt (icon of the current song)
Query the songs/stations by:
• Artist
• Title
• Callsign (Name)
• Genre
• City
• Country
• Language
Documentation & control
Test radio stations within the editor!
• Powerful API for maximum control!
• Detailed demo scenes!
• Comprehensive documentation and support!
• Full C# source code!
• Supports all build platforms (except WebGL & WSA)
• Works with Windows, Mac and Linux editors!
• Compatible with Unity 2018.4 - 2021.1
• Supports AR and VR!
C# delegates and Unity events!
• Works great with DJ PRO
• Works with Online Check
• PlayMaker actions!
Radio works great with:
• Audio Visualizer
• Visualizer Studio
• Playmaker
• Complete Sound Suite
• Apollo Visualizer Kit
• Rhythm Visualizator
• Volumetric Audio
Available in the following bundles for a reduced price:
• Audio Suite Bundle
• All Tools Bundle

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