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Update 1.3 - Added Full Support for Unity 2020 (URP Support - Post Processing Only & Standard 3D).

Unity Awards 2017 Finalist
Stylizer Extended contains full featured Stylizer plugin, but it also provide you with super useful additional contents, such as 68 color palettes, 10 patterns presets & Demo content that comes with four environments which contains more than 70+ models & 16 scenes to show you the full potential of Stylizer.
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Stylizer is a drag & drop Unity Extension that can change the look of your game in a unique way. It can unify your colors in consistent way & pixelate your screen. As you will see it’s really easy to use and can dramatically change the look of your game in seconds.

In Stylizer Image Effect you can play with three layers to:
▲ Change the colors of your game using palette tool and mix those colors with patterns to achieve different looks.
▲ Pixelate your screen to give it a pixel — art aesthetic
▲ Apply grain to get more detaill
The package contains a few material shaders which can be used to create same results as dithering layer in image effect. There are in total eight dithered shaders available. ‘Standard’ and ‘Diffuse’ (Lambert) specify the lighting method used before the dithering effect is applied to the material.
What's Inside Stylizer - Extended
▲ Stylizer Image Effect Plugin
▲ Palette Tool for specyfing colors and method
▲ Pattern Tool for prcodeural generting patterns
▲ Pixelation (Pixel Art) Image Effect Plugin
▲ Eight dithered shaders
▲ 45 Color Palette presets with great Color Grading Schemes
▲ 10 Pattern presets for image detail
▲ 16 scenes grouped into 4 categories (Apolcapse Scene, Detective Scene
▲ Mountains Scene, Space Scene)
▲ 40 unique models for Apocalypse Scene
▲ 20 unique models for Detective Scene
▲ 1 Mountain chunk with 8k diffuse, normal & reflection texture
▲ 1 Animated Sci-fi Planet model with ring system, asteroid volume, moon system all created with very detailed 8k diffuse, normal & reflection texture
▲ easy to use - drag & drop workflow and you're ready to go
▲ workflow simplified to few settings which works on the fly without baking or waiting for response
▲ ready-made presets for quick preview of different look
▲ fully described code
▲ constant updates and new features
▲ active development & support
▲ clean & unique modern style
▲ Stylizer has been carefully crafted, with in-game use optimisation in mind
▲ Documentation & Video Tutorial Included
Technical aspects:
▲ optimised for vr, mobile & desktop
▲ each model has been carefully crafted, with in-game use optimisation in mind
▲ all elements prefabed for modular workflow
*VR — Pixelate effect use render texture to generate final result. It doesn’t work on VR at the moment. Except that all other effects works on VR.

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