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The Virtual Reality Game Kit (in short: VRGK) is a game-focused Blueprint Pack to get your next VR game projects started quickly. From a fully physics based Player Pawn, to Hand Interactions and Collision Sounds. It also includes a lot of example Content that you can already play around with!

🎮 Demo Builds for PCVR & Oculus Quest!

Try before you buy! The Demo includes everything the VRGK has to offer and shows you how it works!

💬 Join the Discord! 

The Support Discord Server is your place to get in contact with other VRGK Users! It is also the best place for you to get support with the VRGK.

🗺️ Take a look at the Development Roadmap!

This Public Roadmap will give you some Information about Future VRGK Updates. It also contains Information about any current Bugs, Problems or Limitations that you need to be aware of!

Version 1.0.1 is now available, see Changelog .

Changelog | About Updates | Additional Information

Technical Details


  • Physics-based Player Pawn
  • Physical Hands with Finger Collision and Finger Solver
  • Physical Climbing and Crouching
  • Per Actor Hand Interactions with custom Animations
  • Pull Grab for Distant Objects
  • Inventory Slots behind Shoulders for Tools and Weapons
  • Accessory Inventory Slots for Hats, Masks and Glasses
  • Teleportation and Snap Turn
  • Pause Menu with Graphics, Audio and Gameplay Settings
  • Spectator Cameras
  • Full Demo Levels and Example Content
  • 100% Made in Blueprints

Currently optimized Motion Controllers:

  • Oculus Touch

Network Replicated / Multiplayer Support: Not yet (Planned for a Future Update)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 10

Number of Blueprints: 85

Additional Information:

  • Mobile VR (Oculus Quest) is currently not a directly supported Platform. Not all features of the VRGK have been tested on Mobile and some of them may not work as intended! It's recommended to join the Discord about Help with Mobile VR.
  • Included are SteamVR Bindings for multiple Motion Controllers, but they have not been Developer tested.

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