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⭐ Do you have a complex Unity project on your plate?
⭐ Maybe hard-to-understand asset you have imported?
⭐ Want a solution that will help seamlessly, without bulky custom UI?
We know that feel bro!
Introducing Asset Usage Finder v4:
⭐ Asset that will find ALL usages/dependencies/references for you, without hassle
⭐ Everywhere - in Project, Scene and Nested Prefab Staging
✔ Full Unity 2018.4+ support including Nested Prefabs and Prefab Variants
✔ Seach for usages of AnimatorController states
✔ Usage search for ALL types of assets, e.g.: Scripts, Shaders, Scenes, Materials, Sprites, Prefabs, Fonts, Textures, Sounds...
✔ Search for usages in: Prefabs, Scenes, Atlases, Materials and others
✔ Replacement of referenced assets
✔ Search for further usages in the same window and easily return back
✔ Up to 20 times faster search thanks to cache
✔ Source codes included
✔ Native Unity Editor UI - Dark and light styles support
✔ Works with NodeCanvas, Mecanim and uGUI
⚡ Top-notch support included! Ask & receive an answer in under 12 hours:

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