Stylized Water For URP

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Please check the compatibility page before purchasing!
Requires the Universal Render Pipeline (7.3.1+) and Unity 2019.3.9f1+
Manual and Support | Discord | Mobile Demo | Forum
✔ Built for URP
✔ Highly compatible
✔ 100% Shader Graph
Gorgeous stylized water, built for the Universal Render Pipeline. Feature rich and easy to customize. 🌊
Basic Buoyancy NEW!
Foam shadows NEW!
Current Features
• Depth based color gradients
• Surface foam
• Intersection effects
• Foam shadows
• Refraction
• Caustics
• Basic (!) buoyancy
• Basic (!) underwater effects
• Toon lighting options
• Surface specular reflections
• Supports fog and point lights
• Planar reflections
• Gerstner waves
• Local or world space UVs
• Orthographic camera support
• Custom material inspector
• Support window
• Full source code + SG nodes
• Extensive documentation
• Water shader
• Foam, surface normals and caustics textures
• Several water prefabs and materials
• Demo scenes
See all limitations here

Scenery in screenshots not included. Most of it is part from the illustrated nature pack from Artkovski. You can find it here .
VR support not tested on real hardware.

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