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AssetBundle Manager for Unity3D

Loxodon Framework Bundle is an AssetBundle manager.It provides a functionality that can automatically manage/load an AssetBundle and its dependencies from local or remote location.Asset Dependency Management including BundleManifest that keep track of every AssetBundle and all of their dependencies. An AssetBundle Simulation Mode which allows for iterative testing of AssetBundles in a the Unity editor without ever building an AssetBundle.

The Loxodon Framework Bundle includes all the source code, it works alone, or works with the Loxodon Framework, AssetBundles-Browser.

NOTES:If you want to use it with Loxodon.Framework 2.x, please import LoxodonFramework/Docs/Bundles/Loxodon.Framework.Bundle For 2.x.unitypackage, the default package conflicts with Loxodon.Framework 2.x.

For tutorials,examples and support,please see the project.You can also discuss the project in the Unity Forums.

Asset Redundancy Analyzer

The asset redundancy analyzer can help you find the redundant assets included in the AssetsBundles.Create a fingerprint for the asset by collecting the characteristic data of the asset. Find out the redundant assets in all AssetBundles by fingerprint comparison.it only supports the AssetBundle of Unity 5.6 or higher.

Tested in Unity 3D on the following platforms:
UWP(Windows 10)

Key features:
-  Support encryption and decoding of the AssetBundle files;
-  Use reference counting to manage the dependencies of AssetBundle;
-  Automatically unloading AssetBundle with reference count 0 by destructor or \"Dispose\" method;
-  Use weak cache to optimize load performance;
-  Interface-oriented programming, you can customize the loader and file search rules for the AssetBundle;
-  Support for simulating loading in the editor without building AssetBundles;
-  Supports the unpacking and the redundancy analysis of the AssetBundle;


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This asset uses DotNetZip under the MS-PL license, LZ4 under the BSD 2-Clause license, and SevenZip under the LGPL v3.0 license, see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details

For More Information Contact Us at: yangpc.


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