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UPDATE: Armor Pack 2 now works with the Human , Elf , and Half-Orc character packs !

Armor Pack 2 contains 20 unique textures from 5 very different full body armor models. Each one is modular, with many individual parts that can be turned on or off to create dozens of different looks. Substance Painter source files are included for the ultimate in texture customization.

Helmets, gauntlets, and boots are all contained on their own textures, so they can be used independently of the rest of the armor as well.

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Bonus Files - Free upgrade after purchase
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 1 (4K Textures 1)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 2 (4K Textures 2)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 3 (Painter Files 1)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 4 (Painter Files 2)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 5 (Painter Files 3)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 6 (Painter Files 4)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 7 (Painter Files 5)
⚡ Armor Pack 2 - Bonus Files 8 - Unreal project

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⚡ Character Creation / New Game Module
⚡ 2.5D Dungeon Demo Project

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Character Accessories

Customize your textures using the included Substance Painter source files. Change out materials, or make other modifications like adding dirt, or shifting colors, in minutes. Export the finished product in HDRP and non-HDRP maps, ready be used in Unity. Make the textures look they way you want them for your project.

Currently this package is ready as a PROP only. The armor is not rigged. There are packages on the Asset Store that claim to allow you to rig armor such as these to your character, though I have not yet tried them out.

The plan is to eventually have this armor set fit all 6 bodies in my Humanoid series: Male and Female of the Humans , Elves , and Half-Orcs .

At that point, they will be rigged to work with the animations included in those character packs, and will have some amount of mesh morphing added.

(Coming Soon)
Exposed Blend Shapes allow for massive mesh morphing and customization. You can save settings in prefabs or script the shapes for in-game customization or randomization of your characters. Now you can spawn completely random enemies that all look different from each other.

For the highest quality sound effects, please check out my Magic & Melee Customizable Sound Library package. This pack contains a ton of sound clips, each with multiple variations, intended to be combined randomly at run time for the ultimate realism.

Substance Painter
Whenever possible, Substance Painter project files are included so those who knwo the program can drastically re-texture the models. In some cases, re-textureing may be more difficult due to limitations in Painter or because the original texture was not created in Painter.

Please note: Source Files do not give you license to share or sell the animations or textures you create. If you're a highly skilled artist and interesetd in sharing or selling your work to the InfinityPBR community as add-on packages, please contact me.

Custom particles (magic spells etc) are included whenever appropriate. The package also includes our entire \"Magic Spells & Particles Pack\", so you can create your own magic spells.

Our models use real PBR values, not half-baked or made up PBR. We start out with real world materials and you can adjust from there. Maps included: Diffuse | Normal | Roughness | Metallic | Height | Ambient Occlusion

Textures will work with legacy shaders (Unity 5 and beyond), and we now include HDRP versions as well.

We sometimes, but not always, provide multiple LODs from High Poly (good for cinematics) to Low Poly (great for mobile). However, I suggest you use Simplygon or Mantis Online (google it, it's free) for creating your own LODs that fit your project/platform.

Check out more info & all of our models at Infinity

If you do purchase this package, thank you very much! Please leave a rating and review so others can find out what's what about it! If you have any problems, requests or anything else, visit me at the forums.

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