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Welcome to NinjaLive 1.3: real-time 2D fluid simulation for PC and Mobile app developers, inside Unreal.

For baking fluid simulation, see: FluidNinja VFX Tools

Key features

  • Ready for Cinematic Rendering via UE 4.26 MovieRenderQueue
  • Ready to drive Volumetric Clouds, Fog and Niagara Systems
  • Autonomous: following a three step setup, responsive fluid simulation Actors could be placed on level
  • Embeddable: fluid sim Actor Component could be added to user defined classes, pawns, vehicles
  • Scalable: could be optimized for average mobile devices - or run a 4k simulation container
  • Simulation buffers (density, velocity, pressure) exposed as RenderTargets


  • Static and Dynamic mesh position, size and velocity
  • Skeletal Mesh Bone & Socket position, size and velocity
  • Texture and Material based density, velocity
  • SceneCaptureCamera and Streaming video based density
  • User gestures via mouse and touchscreen


Technical Details

  • Sim variables accessible by Blueprints and Sequencer
  • Preset based simulation management
  • User editable sim-output Materials
  • Sim velocity driven Detail Maps
  • LOD, Proximity based Sleep/Wake, Memory Pooling
  • 29 demo levels providing usage examples
  • Manual, Tutorial videos and annotated blueprints
  • Tested under UE5 EarlyAccess1

Level & game design

  • Live is supporting a design approach with multiple, local fluidsim containers for character and area effects
  • Live is not a robust "whole world system" - it is designed for a multitude of dispersed, local interactions


  • NinjaLive is a compact Unreal Project - its feature set could be utilized in games by merging
  • It is based on standard Unreal assets (Blueprints, Materials)
  • Live does not rely on Niagara - but could be used to drive Niagara
  • Does not contain C++ code, pre-compiled elements, or third party content
  • Cooking, compiling and packaging is tested for Windows PC, Apple, iOS and Android Mobile


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