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RPG Builder is the number 1 tool on the asset store to create advanced RPG Games without having to code!

Everything is done inside an easy-to-use custom Unity editor, start designing now!

See RPG Builder in action!

The full demo is included for all RPG Builder users, without the character animations, the malbers animation models, and cafofo's sounds.



- Spellbook

- Weapon Templates/Levels

- Faction System

- Abilities

- Effects

- Conditional Effects

- Vitality Actions

- Auto Attacks

- Action Abilities

- AI

- NPC Spawner System

- Stats

- Talent Trees

- Target Combat

- Action Combat

- Pet System

- Bonuses

- Ability Tags

- Ability Animations & Particles

60+ Stat Types:


Vitality, Casting Speed, CD Recovery Speed, Lifesteal, Thorn, Health on Hit, Health on Kill, Health on Block, Effect Trigger, Loot Chance Modifier, Experience Modifier, Vitality Regen


Damage (Type), Penetration (Type), CC Power, Damage Dealt, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Power, Base Damage Type, Damage over time bonus


Resistance (Type), CC Resistance, Damage Taken, Heal Received, Base Resistance Type, Block Chance, Block Flat, Block Modifier, Dodge Chance, Glancing Blow Chance


Healing (Type), Absorption, Heal Received, Heal Done, Global Healing, Heal overtime bonus


Summon Count, Minion Damage, Minion Physical Damage, Minion Magical Damage, Minion Health, Minion Critical Hit Chance, Minion Critical Hit Power, Minion Duration, Minion Lifesteal, Minion Thorn, Minion Dodge Chance, Minion Glancing Blow Chance, Minion Health on Hit, Minion Health on Kill, Minion Health on Block


Projectile Speed, Projectile Angle Spread, Projectile Range, Projectile Count, AoE Radius, Ability Max Hit, Ability Target Max Range, Ability Target Min Range


- Easy integration with external controllers

- Dialogue System

- Randomized Item Stat System

- Gear Sets

- Enchanting

- Socketing & Gems

- ARPG Loot System

- Loading Screen System

- Item Rarity

- Load/Save System

- Character Controllers

- Items

- Inventory

- Skills

- Level Templates

- Races & Classes

- Loot Tables

- Merchant Tables

- Currencies

- Crafting Recipes

- Crafting Stations


- Minimap System

- Task & Quest

- Teleportation

- Coordinates

- Resource Nodes

- Interactive Nodes

- Game Scenes

- Graveyard System


Fully Automated Talent Trees Showcase

RPG Builder comes with the following game UI elements ready to use:

- Faction Panel

- Enchanting Panel

- Socketing Panel

- Advanced Item & Ability Tooltips

- Talent Trees

- Action Bars

- Stat Bars

- Experience Bars

- Character Panel

- Inventory

- Skill Book

- Quest Journal

- Quest Tracker

- Game Events

- Options / Settings

- Crafting Panel

- Boss UI

- Advanced Screenspace Nameplates

- Combat Text System

- Pet Panel

- Player States (Buff/Debuff)

- Target UI

- Crafting Panel

- Merchant

- Developer Panel

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