PIDI Planar Reflections 3 Standard Edition

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PIDI : Planar Reflections 3 - Standard Edition is the ultimate system to add real-time reflections to all kinds of flat surfaces in your game within seconds, with unrivaled performance and flexibility.

With support for any platform compatible with Render Textures, dedicated high quality water shaders, as well as for the brand new Universal RP and HDRP pipelines in Unity 2019.4, PIDI : Planar Reflections 3 is the only tool you will need for all your mirrors, floors and other reflective surfaces.

Features :
• Support for all rendering pipelines
• Support for Post Process Stack v2
• Support for integrated Post Process in HDRP and Universal RP
• Reflection planes can reflect shadows
• Per-reflection optimizations for maximum performance
• Per-reflection depth pass for advanced effects such as masking and fading (Standard pipeline only)
• Per-material, adjustable blur pass
• Adjustable drawing distances
• Adjustable update frequency
• Adjustable reflection resolution
• Smart system of casters and renderers which allow you to easily have dozens of reflections in a single scene with adjustable performance.
• Accurate and simple clipping projections for full control over the reflection's behavior
• Mixed static and real-time reflections (Standard pipeline only)
• PBR, Unlit and water shaders included (water shaders only for Built in and Universal RP)
• Full source code access
• In-depth documentation (both offline and online) as well as tutorials and videos available.
• Mobile ready. Its high performance allows it to run without issue on mobile devices.
• Samples and functions for Amplify Shader Editor (Standard pipeline only)


This tool requires devices with RenderTexture support.
VR and AR devices are not supported by this tool. Compatibility is not guaranteed with any preview / beta Unity features and packages, nor with any beta unity versions. For Universal RP and HDRP projects it is heavily encouraged to use Unity 2019.4 LTS

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