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Make music in Unity with a full-featured native synthesizer, MIDI sequencer and sampler. You can make a musical game, create generative music and warp dynamic sound effects using Audio Helm.

- Windows 7 and higher
- Universal Windows Platform ARM/x86/x64
- MacOS 10.7 and higher
- Linux, e.g. Ubuntu Trusty and higher
- iOS 8 and higher
- Android 5.0 (Lollypop) and higher ARMv7/x86/ARM64

The synthesizer generates dynamic audio live, no samples or recordings required. It runs as a native plugin to ensure low latency, high performance, mobile ready audio. Download the standalone synth now (free or pay what you want) to browse and create synth patches you can import into your game.

The sequencer is a tool for creating musical patterns and rhythms by playing synthesizer or sampler notes over time. You can load single track MIDI files, create your own patterns inside Unity's inspector or create patterns live from code to generate procedural music. The sequencer supports dynamic tempo/BPM so you can increase/decrease the speed of the song as your game progresses.

The sampler takes an audio sample or recording and can play it back at different speeds to create musical pitches. Using different keyzones you can create a full spectrum piano sampler. Audio Helm comes with 4 drum machines each with a separate sample bank.

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