Demolition Media Hap 2020

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The industry-proven GPU acceleratedΒ HapΒ video codec playback solution for Unity.

β€” (new) Reworked playback loop - even more smooth playback
β€” (new) Improved stability and performance - can play even more videos now
β€” (new) Unlocked decode threads number: it scales with the the CPU concurrency capabilities
β€” (new) Frees your render and main threads: texture updating is done completely in background threads
β€” (new) Better playback speed control
β€” (new) Multichannel audio support (5.1 has been tested)
β€” (new) Only 10Mb required for the plugin DLLs

β€” Hardware accelerated Hap video playback without any external codecs installation needed. All fravours of Hap are supported.
β€” Low CPU usage. Frames are mostly decompressed on the GPU.
β€” Play 4k @ 120 fps, 8k @ 60 fps or eos (on supported hardware), play tons of smaller videos at once. Extremely fast frame-precise seeking.
β€” Playback speed control.
β€” Transparent videos with Hap Alpha, Hap Q Alpha and Hap R codecs. First plugin to support Hap Q Alpha/Hap R in Unity.
β€” Chunked Hap support for even faster multi-threaded decoding.
β€” Works with DX11 on Windows. DX12/OpenGL are one the way
β€” Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds supported!
β€” Audio output through the Unity Native Audio plugin and AudioSource (multichannel audio supported).
β€” Can preload video to memory if your SSD isn't fast enough
β€” Configurable RAM/GPU memory usage.
β€” Suits for both programmers and artists: C# API along with IMGUI/uGUI/Render to Material wrappers provided.
β€” Example scenes with the typical usage scenarios (including 360/VR).
β€” Free demo version available (link above)

Requirements for this asset version:
β€” Unity 2019 - Unity 2020 (older versions likely won't work)
β€” Windows 8.1/10

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