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Update 2 (July 9 2020)

  • Large performace optimization. Modular atmosphere: now you have the old atmosphere with scattering and a second one with a lighter though less accurate shader and both of them can be swithced on and off. 2 new craters textures. 3 new example maps.

Update 1 (Febraury 10 2020)

  • 3 new cloud textures, 3 new craters texture, 3 new ripples textures, 4 new example maps, new parameters for the atmosphere, new parameter section for large geological structures.

This is the second version of the Planet Creator, a tool that allows you to create highly detailed rocky planets with textures up to 8K resolution and give them the look you want. The Planet Creator blueprint creates a default world once placed in the map, and then you will be able to customize it directly from the editor with a great set of parameters, each one controlling a specific field of the planet properties: continents, oceans, ice, geological structures, atmosphere...

This new version allows a far better resolution and details amount compared to the first one. Moreover it brings completely new features, like a volumetric atmosphere system, continents procedural generation and city night lights.

This asset pack provides 8 example maps, each one with a different planet generated by the blueprint.

Technical Details

Planet Creator parameters fields:

  • Continents
  • Continents Color
  • Geological structures
  • Oceans
  • Ice
  • Lava
  • City Lights
  • Clouds
  • Atmosphere

Asset Pack items:

  • Blueprints: 1
  • Materials: 3
  • Material Instances: 3
  • Material Functions: 14
  • Maps: 14
  • Textures diffuse 8192x8192: 10
  • Textures diffuse 2048x2048: 10
  • Textures Maps: 18


  • This blueprint does not provide any gravity system for planets.
  • The planets generated with this blueprint do not create worlds for your characters to walk on.

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