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○ Unity Awards 2020

The Vegetation Engine won the second place at Unity Awards 2020 • Best Development Tool! Huge thanks to anyone for their support and feedback!

○ The Vegetation Engine

The Vegetation Engine is a set of highly optimized vegetation shaders and tools designed to unify any vegetation asset from the Unity Asset Store, Megascans, Speedtree, or custom vegetation made by your team. Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, seasons, wetness, subsurface, height-based blending, and more, for all vegetation assets and props with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

○ The Converter

The Vegetation Engine comes with a one-click conversion workflow for 3rd party vegetation assets. Once converted, the assets are fully compatible with all features provided by the asset and will work in all render pipelines! The converter uses text-based presets with an easy-to-use but comprehensive API.

○ The Shaders

The Vegetation Engine includes highly customizable shaders compatible with all render pipelines (2019.3+). With feature parity between pipelines, switching to another render pipeline can be done at any time. With over 50 parameters, you can enable or disable features with the Amplify Shader Editor Base function!

○ The Elements

The Vegetation Engine comes with a comprehensive set of modular elements, used for motion and interaction with unlimited characters, motion flow, local wind, dynamic seasons, global overlay (snow, sand, dust), wetness, tinting, size control and leaves amount with minimal performance impact!

○ The Community

With constant updates and improvements, all BOXOPHOBIC assets are trusted by tens of thousands of game developers. Check out the above screenshots taken by our community, showcasing asset store and custom-made vegetation using the Vegetation Engine in various projects and render pipelines.

○ Compatibility

The Vegetation Engine supports the following Render Pipelines:

✓ Standard Render Pipeline 2019.1+

✓ Universal Render Pipeline 7.2.1 - 11.0.0+

✓ HD Render Pipeline 7.2.1 - 11.0.0+

The Vegetation Engine supports the following add-ons:

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Amplify Impostors Add-on

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Elements Add-on

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Details Add-on

The Vegetation Engine supports the following 3rd party tools:

✓ Amplify Shader Editor • Full shader editing support

✓ Nature Renderer • Procedural Instancing support

✓ Mega World Quadro Renderer • Procedural Instancing support

✓ Vegetation Studio • Instanced Indirect support

✓ Vegetation Studio Pro • Instanced Indirect support

✓ GPU Instancer • Instanced Indirect support

✓ DE Environment • Output conversion for DE Environment

✓ Ignis • Interactive Fire System support (by OAVA)

✓ Game Creator • Actions for TVE control (by RVR)

✓ Enviro • Enviro to TVE control (by CatGamesStudio)

The Vegetation Engine supports vegetation created with the following tools:

✓ MTree (procedural setup) • Powerful tree creation tool for the Unity

✓ Speedtree • Profesional vegetation creation tool

✓ Unity Tree Creator • Built-in Unity tree creation tool

✓ CTI • Advanced vegetation importer tool

✓ TreeIt • Free vegetation creation tool

The Vegetation Engine supports the following 3rd party vegetation assets:

✓ Staggart Creations • Fantasy Adventure Environment | NEW

✓ Polyart Studio • Dreamscape Nature: Meadows | NEW

✓ Procedural Worlds • Gaia Pro Vegetation

✓ Raygeas • AZURE Nature

✓ Staggart Creations • Stylized Grass

✓ TerraWorld • All vegetation assets

✓ Goatogrammetry • All vegetation assets

✓ Turboscalpeur • All vegetation meshes

✓ BSP • Animated vegetation packages

✓ Quixel Megascans • All vegetation assets

✓ Nature Manufacture • All vegetation assets

✓ Manufactura K4 • Alien Forest / Coniferous Forest / All Tree Creator Assets

✓ Synty Studios • POLYGON - Nature Pack

✓ Angry Mesh • All vegetation assets

✓ ALP8310 • All vegetation assets

✓ Visual Design Cafe • All vegetation assets

✓ IL.ranch • All vegetation assets

✓ Forst • All CTI vegetation assets

✓ Baldinoboy • All CTI and Tree Creator vegetation assets

✓ TriForge • Winter Forest CTI vegetation assets

✓ Tobyfredson • Rocky Hills CTI vegetation assets

✓ Infinity PBR • Book Of The Dead vegetation

✓ Raygeas • Stylized Forest Environment

✓ Northeast Asset • Stylized Nature Vol.1

✓ Digifanter • Big Nature Pack

✓ Mikael Gustafsson • All vegetation assets

✓ Custom Meshes • User setup or Procedural setup


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