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Instance Tool is an editor mode plugin for Unreal Engine, it allows you to quickly select/edit/convert Instanced Static Meshes in editor viewports.

It also provides extra level editing functionalities like aligning and snapping to make editing instances easier.

(Please note that 4.22+ engine now implements auto-instancing feature which makes the manual converrsion might not necessary depends on the level setup.)


- One-click conversion between Static Mesh and Instanced Static Mesh

- Select/move/rotate/scale instances directly in editor viewports

- Flexible select options (Marquee select, Select by axis, Lock/Unlock selection)

- Create instances quickly with Alt + Drag or standard duplicate hotkey

- Align instances by location/rotation or to grid

- Snap instances by axis

- Distribute/Line-Up instances

- Apply delta transform to instances panel with duplicate option

- Multi-edit support

- Hotkeys for Hide/Unhide transform widget and focus to selected instances

- Experimental Blueprint Instances Editing support

- Full undo support for all instances editing operations

Technical Details

- Full c++ source code included, works with both Luancher and Github builds

- Editor mode plugin, works with both c++ and blueprint only projects


- InstanceTool (Editor)


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