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The Ultimate Grids Engine is your ultimate solution for creating ANY GRID-Based game in Unity.

It allows you to create and populate all kinds of regular and semi-regular grids, including rectangular, hexagonal and isometric grids quickly and effortless. Includes a robust grid entities and tiles system, advanced grid-movement, A* path finding, character controllers, interactive objects and everything you need to create your own grid-based game.

Anything is possible, from tactics games like Into the Breach and Advanced Wars, to puzzle games like Monument Valley and Tetris, through roguelikes/lites such as Crypt of the NecroDancer, verby nouns like Crossy Road or even match 3 like Candy Crush, and really any game where you need a Grid of any kind and Entities to move on it.

It is the best framework for grid based games out there, whether you’re new to Unity, or an experienced developer. Easy to use, packed with features, built with good practices at its core, and constantly updated, it’s the ultimate tool to get yourself a head start and have fun creating your game.

Main Demo – Path Visualizer Demo – Discord – Support

Free Updates are being pushed at least twice a month! You give us the idea and we put the code.

This Engine Includes:

– Tile Based Grids: a robust and highly customizable Tiles system designed to work and excel with any type of Even or Uneven grid, making it easy to tweak, remove or add any features you want.

– Grid Entities: a robust entities system so you can populate yours grids actors of any kind such as obstacles, enemies, player characters and anything else you need.

– Integer Axial Coordinates: suitable for grid algorithms consistency with vector math.

– Extensible Grid-Movement System: You can tweak every aspect of an entity’s movement on the grid, such as movement time, cooldown, animations, rotation, treshold to occupy a grid position and much more.

– Advanced Grid Attacks System: You create all types of attacks from really simple single or multiple tile based attacks to directional or even AoE damaging ones.

– Interactive Objects System: quickly create interactable objects such as Pressure Pads, Teleports, Damage zones and much more.

– Character Controllers: includes 2 different character controller examples (keyboard and mouse driven), but you can also create your own on top of the base classes and get a head start.

– A* Pathfinding: add pathfinding to any entity in your grid by simply attaching a component to it.

– Level Editor: built on top of unity’s Tile Palette makes it easy to build fully working levels in no time.

– Every Layout and Alignment: Built on top of Unity’s Grid Component you’re able to create Rectangle, Hexagon and Isometric Grids with any Alignment type for 3D or 2D (XYZ, XZY, YZX and more).

– Height System: Built in height system so you can set any tile’s height in the grid to create interesting levels.

– Complete Health System: Make your entity damageable, give it invincibility frames, on hit events, death and hurt animations and everything you need..

– The whole codebase is heavily documented, and everything’s coded to be as easy to customize as possible! Creating your own grid-based game has never being this quick!

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