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446+ Rifle Motion Capture Animations

Update: Version 2.7A2All Animations Humanoid 
Root Motion and In-Place
Reference Root Motion
All New Updated Split Jumps
. Improved Take-Offs, In-Air Loops and Landings. 
Rifle attaches on the "RightHandMiddle1" finger bone, and all Animations updated to use it. 
(Please see Technical Details below)

All Animations with Root Motion and IPC (in-place)
Many Added Animations and Motion Tweaks.
New On-Back Holster Animations and Pistol Swaps.
New Split Jumps.
Turn In-Place Loops.
Lower CrouchWalks.

390 Animations, 48 Aim Offsets, 36 Split Jumps - 892 Total Files

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab:
Rifle Pro: Sketchfab

View/Download Motion List Here:
Rifle Pro 2.7A - Animation List

Watch the Demo on Vimeo:
(Highlight Video does not show all animations in Pack. Please see Sketchfab Viewer and Motion List for true Pack contents)

Pistol: Highlight Video

Technical Info

Includes documents withTips on Avatars and Avatar Adjustments, and "Reference" root motion:
Mocap Online - Unity Animation Notes

Lowered Crouch Turns
Stabilized Aim Turns
Minor Fixes
Rev. 2.7A1 Update:

All Animations Humanoid
All Animations Root Motion and In-Place
New Rifle attachment on the "RightHandMiddle1" finger bone, and all Animations updated to use it.
The original custom added “hand_r_wep” bone is no longer used, allowing other Humanoid Characters to use the animation. No custom rigging needed.
The "RightHandMiddle1" articulates the position of the Rifle in different poses without breaking the wrist and replacing the need for the custom “hand_r_wep” bone as before.


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