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This product is a Japanese anime style character set.

The second Japanese anime style character is released from Game Asset Studio. Doing things at her own pace, cool female character Aoi Kiryu has arrived.
In addition to 13 models in various types of outfits such as school uniforms, plain clothes, swimsuits, pajamas, and exercise outfits, this pack also includes 62 animations like walking, jumping, greetings, and fighting.
With this pack, it's possible to accommodate a wide range of genres such as action games, romantic adventure games, and fighting games.
These assets are compatible with both legacy and Mecanim animation systems.
Also, low, middle, and high poly count versions of these models are included.
By using the assets provided by the Game Asset Studio team, the quality of the game you're making will improve dramatically.

Model List:
- Blazer based uniform (winter)
- Blazer based uniform (summer)
- Sailor outfit (winter)
- Sailor outfit (summer)
- Apron
- Cusual Wear 1
- Cusual Wear 2
- Pajamas
- Gym clothes
- School swimsuit
- Leotard
- Wrapped in towel
- Karate Uniform

13 Models and more

Animation List:

Romantic Adventure Game Animations
- Idle(2)
- Walk
- Run
- Sprint
- Greet(5)
- Ember(2)
- Sit(7)
- LieDown(7)
- Nod(2)
- Refuse(2)
- LookDown
- Salute(2)
- Wink
- Pose(3)
- Kiss

Action Game Animations:
- Idle(2)
- Jump(4)
- Crawl

Fighting Game Animations
- Idle
- Forward
- Back
- Punch(4)
- Kick(6)
- Special(2)
- Throw
- Thrown
- Guard(2)
- Crouch
- Down(4)
- Damage(6)
- Get up
- Jump

62 Animations and more

Number of Polygons
- Hi-model - about 9300
- Middle-model - about 2700
- Low-model - about 1300


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