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Pack support unity:- Unity 5.6
- Unity 2017
- Unity 2018
- Unity 2018 LW RP 4.9+
- Unity 2018 HD RP 4.9
- New unity terrain 2018.3+ support
- Unity 2019+
- Unity 2019.1 LW RP 5.7+
- Unity 2019.1 HD RP 5.7+
- Unity 2019.2 LW RP 6.9+
- Unity 2019.2 HD RP 6.9+
- Unity 2019.3 URP 7.18
- Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.18
- Unity 2019.3 URP 7.2+
- Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.2+
- Unity 2019.4 LTS HD RP
- Unity 2019.4 LTS URP
- Unity 2020+
- Unity 2020.1+ HD RP 8.2+
- Unity 2020.1+ URP 8.2+
- Unity 2020.2+ HD RP 10.2+
- Unity 2020.2+ URP 10.2+
- RTX support Unity 2020.1+ HD RP 8.2+
- VS PRO Instanced Indirect support for HD and URP 7.2+ and Unity Standard
- SRP batcher and DOTS instacing support

To run HD or URP, LW RP please import pack to HD or LW RP project and then import support pack which is inside the asset in "HD and LW RP support" or "HD and URP support" folder. It will replace shaders, prefabs, meshes so they will work with RP out of the box. Please also check readme files inside that folder.

This rock pack is group of models, shaders and perfect tilled HQ terrain textures. Assets present very good on unity standard material but also with included shader give ability to blend model 1:1 with unity terrain or CTS. Assets are perfectly optimised and they will run even at mobiles. Textures are atlased and compressed into Metalic/AO/Smoothness format to reduce gpu usage. This format is 100% compatibile with unity standard shader but it reduce GPU usage and memory. Stones are perfect for river and landscape cover as you could see at attached movie. This rocks love to be scaled and after this operation they get totally different look. Models are auto covered by ground/snow/moss texture - you have full control over it and it's 100% compatibile with CTS ground shader. Pack contain full vegetation studio and vegetation studio pro support for instanced indirect - super fast rendering!

3d content:- 13 rock models (1 photoscanned);
- 85 rock prefabs(snow, moss, grass, litter, sand etc);
- 81 rock prefabs for vegetation studio;
- 10 perfect tilled HQ ground texture sets (40 maps 2048x2048);
- 4 road/river borders;
- 29 road border prefab(snow, moss, grass, litter, sand etc);
- 29 road border prefabs for vegetation studio;

Shader features:- blend models with terrains and support vegetation studio;
- cover models by snow, grass, leaves, moss, sand or any other texture and blend it with terrain;
- cover function works in triplanar uv and cheaper planar uv mode;
- triplanar cover works with every direction (by vector);
- optional cover height blend;
- SM, AO, H channels remap option;
- very advanced normal map influence on cover texture;
- SRP batcher and DOTS instancing support at hd and lw rp unity 2019.2;
- instanced indirect support in vegetation studio (extremely fast rendering);
- instanced indirect support in vegetation studio pro (extremely fast rendering);
- R.A.M 2019 automatic wetness support at HD and URP, LW RP unity 2019.2, 2019.3+;

Support files:- small demo with terrain blending example
- cts profile file
- LW, URP and HD RP support packs – import and it will work out of the box;

Forest demo scene - download link and list of assets which it need to run, are in youtube video description. There are 2 versions (old unity below 2018.2 and new unity 2018.3+)

Frozen land tutorial demo scene - download link and list of assets which it need to run, are in youtube video description.


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