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⭐ This asset is designed for creating shooter games of any complexity. You can make first-person, third-person and top-down games and they will work on all major platforms (PC, Mobile, Web).
⭐ The kit is specially created in such a way that interaction with it is as simple as possible, thereby significantly reducing the time you need to develop your projects.
⭐ This asset has everything you need to create your game - look at the features list, screenshots, and videos 😉

Main features:

🔸 Universal weapon system. It contains many weapons types with various attacks (and it is possible to use several of them in one weapon); melee system with unarmed mode; varied grenade effects (like flash, smoke, fire, explosion). Also, there is the reloading system and aiming with different scope types.

🔸 Universal character controller with Root Motion movement and perfect animations for each character state. You can use any humanoid model with this controller.

🔸 Universal camera with TP, FP, and TD views. There are a few modes in the Top-down view. Also, the camera responds to collisions.

🔸 Full body IK. Adjust positions and rotations of hands, elbows, and fingers for each weapon and each character. And also, feet react to obstacles.

🔸 Several characters in a single-player game. Use a few characters in your scene and switch between them during the game.

🔸 Object detection. Characters react to walls and different objects and remove hands (you can also adjust them using IK).

🔸 Inventory system: It contains a weapon wheel, slots for first aid kits, and ammo. Sort and group weapons as you need (by type, for example). Besides, it is very easy to customize UI.

🔸 Pick-up and drop system. Characters can pick up (2 types - with Collider or Raycast) and throw away weapons, use first aid kits and ammunition.

🔸 Universal AI for all Avatar types (Humanoid or Generic). So you can create any enemies as you like (robots, animals, humanoids, zombies, etc) with various weapons and attacks (fire, missiles, bullets, melee).

Enemies have different states - they can see and hear the player and go looking for him if notice something. And also, during the attack, they can find the most suitable cover and hide behind it.

🔸 Game-ready Photon multiplayer with many features:

◦ Full synchronization of all elements - everything from single-player will work in the network.
◦ Constructor for game modes. It has various parameters that can be switched and they will affect the gameplay and UI. So you can create any mode you like (hard-point with the one-shot option and only 2 players on the map plus they have only rocket launchers, why not 😁).
◦ Full Game Logic which contains the lobby, loading screens, pre-match games, game over menus, players & match stats, in-game pop-up messages, loadout system, and tons of features (just play the demo or see the video).
◦ 10 Modes available "out of the box": Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Hard Point, Domination, Survival, One shot - One kill, Melee Only, Team Survival, Duel, Free Сooperative mode.
◦ Custom matches - there is the ability to search/create game rooms (including private ones with passwords).
◦ Simple using - you don't need to create anything extra, use single-player characters and weapons in the multiplayer (all components will be added automatically).

🔸 Hit Zones for characters and enemies - set different damage values for the head, arms, legs, and body.

🔸 Mini-maps with textures (without a second camera). Set up them quickly and easily.

🔸 Mobile version: Absolutely everything that is in the main version works on mobile devices. You don’t need to do anything extra, just build the game and run it on your mobile device.

🔸 Flexible UI system. Adjust the entire game UI (including multiplayer mode) in one place - quickly and conveniently.
Also contains blood splatter screen and damage indicators.

🔸 Creation tools. Transform your model to game-ready character with weapons or enemy in less than a minute.

🔸 A few weapons models from the amazing kits: Low Poly Weapons VOL.2 and SimpliCity Weapons & Explosives.

🔸 Surfaces and materials with various hits effects and step audios. Create your surfaces in one step.

🔸 Custom input manager: supports gamepads, mobile input, and keyboard/mouse.

🔸 Full gamepads support (including all menus).

🔸 More 70 humanoid animations.

🔸 Audio system: you can customize different sounds (weapons, character steps, enemies, etc.)

🔸 Detailed online documentation and video tutorials.

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