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  • physically-based atmospheric scattering (classic Rayleigh and Mie)
  • true volumetric haze, using the directional light shadow map for light shafts
  • height-based fog with sun lighting
  • flexible zoning system to create effects for specific areas
  • create custom time-of-day variants for changing atmospherics during day/night cycles*
  • custom transparency shaders to integrate with the atmospherics

(*DeepSky Haze is not a time-of-day system, but allows you to create atmospheric effects that can be smoothly blended via a Time parameter.)

The system works on DX9, DX11 and OpenGL Core (for best quality and performance, DX11/OpenGL Core are recommended, mobile platforms are not supported).

In the next version (ETA within the next couple of weeks):

  • compatible with more Unity versions - everything from 5.2.1 up
  • quick setup 'one-click' option to speed up adding atmospherics from scratch
  • step-by-step guide to adding DeepSky Haze atmospherics to custom transparent shaders (already up on the website)
  • specific shaders for transparent skybox objects, without the expense of the full transparent shaders
  • example water shader with atmospherics support

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