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(Source code included)
PRO Radar Builder is a powerful AAA editor tool which allows you to create

● 3D Radars(World & Screen Space)
● 2D Radars
● Navigation system
● Compass
● Environment Resimulation
● Realtime Minimap
● Static Minimap
● Target Trackers

● New major updates coming soon
The internal pooling & Optimization module allows you to have greater control over speed and efficiency of the systems you create.
To design your radar, just put layer and deign sprites however you want.
● Runs in VR
● 9 Point screen snapping
● Toggle between world and Screen space
● Multiple rotation tracking options
● Custom radar sprite rotation targeting
● Custom blip rotation targeting
UI Target Tracker extension
● Prefab Blip support
● Mesh Blips at LODs
● Sprite Blip Support
● Height tracing (tracking lines)
● Blip pinning
● Minimaps and Radars of any shape
● Display & track thousands of objects
● Design tracking bound visualization
● Inner and Outer tracking bounds
● Pan and Zoom
● Manual positioning Option
● Powerful Rotation Target System
● Sale blips by distance
●"Track Y Position" toggle function for radars that need to track blips moving through the y axis, this means that the z axis wont be tracked when this is turned on.
● Treat the radar like any other object, scale it , rotate it , position it , make it a child
● and much much more (╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯


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  • 2020.1.3
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