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Choice Engine 2 is a complete overhaul of the original asset. The reimplementation offers a wider array of features, better optimization, cleaner UI and much more.
The asset offers a node-based architecture, tailored for text-based games and visual novels. Each node can be fully customized, with modifiable entry conditions and \"on enter\" events.
Any project in Choice Engine can be set-up in seconds, as all the UI and Game Objects are pre-configured as prefabs.
Additionally, ChoiceEngine comes with custom GUI, a dedicated window for editing nodes, and a visualizer for easier node navigation.
- Node-based architecture.
- Inventory, items, and resources.
- Characters and character profiles.
- Character stats.
- Journal/Dialogue log.
- Quest system.
- Custom function invocation.
- Text tags for easier editing, e.g. [name].
- Affection system.
- Image gallery.
- Fully optimized sound system.
- Saving and loading.
- Auto/Skip, Back, and Quick Save/Load.
- Settings system.
- Multi-Language system.
- In-game asset database.
- Cross-level support (you can have as many levels as you want).
- Optimized, dedicated node editor.
- Node visualizer.
- Spawn system (Spawn characters and 3D models on the scene).
- Notification System.
- Background & sound transitions.
- Touch-screen compatibility.
- Node import and export.

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