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This project is โ€œ Action Role Player template for Unityโ€. Everyone can easily understand and can apply it for an advanced Action RPG project.
You can try the demo here [Download Demo]
There are major change from previous version.We recommened to backup your project before update to 6.0
Version 6.54
- Add NavMesh Monster script
- Bug fix for Unity 2019.3
- Add New Mobile Joystick
- Remove all obsolete GUITexture from Mobile Buttons
New Update 6.0!!
- Extended Skill Shortcut
- Skill Cooldown
- Blocking Attack
- Falling Damage
- More Equipment Type
- Require Arrow/Ammo for some weapons
- Mecanim Humanoid Ready
Core Features!!
- Combat System
- Skill Tree
- Enemy AI
- Save-Load Game
- Shop System
- Enemy Drop Items
- Weapon Swap Model
- Skill and Item Database
- Inventory & Equipment System
- Elemental & Abnormal Status System
- Minimap
- Monster Respawn
- Quest System
- Mecanim Ready
- Swimming Add-on
- Character Selection
- Crafting System
- Pet and Summoning Skill
- Dodge Roll System
- Main / Sub Weapon Switch
- Equipment's Abilities
- Mounting System

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