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From the beginning, we released each addon separately, but then we decided to integrate them into one package. So that they are easier to maintain and update

By purchasing this set of add-ons you save 40% of the cost if you were to buy add-ons separately

This set of addons contains:
1 Improved Crit & Block & Stun
2 Attack Speed and Attack Range
3 Passive combat skills
4 Damage, Defence, Health, Mana Bonuses in percentages
5 Accuracy and Dodge
6 Experience, Gold and Items Bonuses
7 Extended Attributes
8 Min and Max Damage
9 Move Speed & Vampirism
10 Stamina
11 Item Rarity
12 Extended loot system
13 Trading System
14 Respawn Binding
15 Character Info.
- added ability to display Race (You can change the number of races and the color that will display the name of the character of this race.)
- added ability to display Gender
- added ability to display Class (You can change the number of classes in each race and their names)
- added ability to display Specialization
- added ability to display Damage Min and Max - if this addon is used
- added ability to display Accuracy and Dodge
- add the ability to display the amount of stamina

Race Rank
- added ability to display \"Race Rank\" (Rank name, Points and Bonuses) if this addon use

- add attributes Dexterity and Endurance
- add ability to drop attributes points (for free or for gold)
- add display of points that can be used to improve attributes

Fighting Skill
- added ability to display \"Fighting Skill\" (melee, range, force, shield, defense) if this addon use

16 Inventory.
- add the ability to buy (expand) slots for inventory
- When creating a character, his inventory is 10 slots.
- You can expand your inventory from merchants by purchasing additional slots or use bags.

17 Equipment.
- modifies the design
- add slots for Amulets and Rings
- add slots for bags (opportunity to expand inventory)
- add the ability to enable the display of character indicators (damage, defense, accuracy and dodge)

18 Adds bijouterie items (Amulets and Rings).
- Bijouterie items can add character bonuses (defense, damage, accuracy, dodge, health, mana, stamina, crit)
- You can create new jewelry and edit made by us. Change the name and characteristics of the item.

19 Tool Tip

Developed and tested on version uMMORPG 1.190 and uMMORPG 2D 1.58
In the project you will find instructions with a detailed description of how to configure the add-on.

Requires the uMMORPG or uMMORPG 2D

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