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Reactive Water is a Blueprint driven Actor, which can be easily added to your level by drag and drop it from the content browser. It reacts to any movement of an Actor, who interacts with it, by creating foam, small waves and playing a sound at the location. Reactive Water is fully replicated and ready to be used in a multiplayer map / game.

(Important: No Sounds included!)


I am sorry for the long delay on 4.24 and 2.25. The update is live now.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 1
List of Features:
- Scale water surface in X, Y and Z
- Change tiling of material
- Change material of surface
- Control colors: either manually by selecting Base, Deep and Shallow color or do it via a Light Source in combination with a color curve
- Change foam FX
- Change water ripple FX, to match color of ripple to water you can select the material where a vector parameter will be set to match the color
- Change interaction sound, a sound which will be played if you interact with the water
- Change opacity
- Change minimum shore opacity
- Change water fog height (material)
- Change water fog density (material)
- Change wave speed, either manually or via wind speed of a wind actor
- Change roughness
- Control power of material via depth power
Intended Platforms: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation: No
Additional Notes: There are no sounds included.

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