Realistic Landscapes Bundle 1

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These landscape are part of "AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPES - PREMIUM" bundle.

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Realistic Landscapes Bundle 1 is a bundle of four huge landscapes. 64 Square Kilometers each. Intended to provide you a base to build your project on. Each landscape provides 64 Square Kilometers playable area. All landscapes come with paintable layers and have the ability to add even more layers.


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Video 01 (Outdated)

Video 02 (Outdated)


• Grass Hills Landscape

• Sand Dunes Landscape

• Arid Mountains Landscape

• Snowy Mountains Landscape


• 1x1 Meters Vertex Density - Explanation

• Surface customization through material instance parameters

• Controllable distance based landscape tessellation

• Library of custom plug and play functions

• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area

• Dynamic Layered Cloud shadows

• Heightmap based layer blending

• Paintable landscape layers

• Background meshes

• Grass Types

• Grasses

• Bush

Technical Details

Note: As of 4.23 you might need to input a large value for "Start Distance" in Exponential Height Fog settings.

PBR: Yes

LODs: Yes

Texture size: Up to 4K

[4] Landscapes

[18] Meshes

[18] Materials

[33] Material Instances

[43] Material Functions

[69] Textures

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