Modular Sci Fi Environment Asset Pack

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Modular Sci-Fi Environment Asset Pack


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  • 45 Modular meshes
  • Dynamic materials with 1K & 2K texture maps
  • 2 Blueprints
  • 6 Particle effects
  • 9 Audio files

Each mesh has dynamic materials with tweakable parameters. Both 1K and 2K texture maps are embedded inside the materials; texture resolution can be changed dynamicaly within the editor with material instances.

Technical Details


  • 45 Modular Mesh: 9 Ground Assets, 5 Wall Assets, 11 Ceilling Assets, 12 Prop Assets, 5 Door Assets
  • Dynamic Materials
  • Universal material setup: Every single material in the pack has the same shader graph layout with the exact same tweakable parameters. Emissive colors and intensity, metallic & roughness values, mesh tints and texture resolutions are accessible inside the editor with material instances. All of them can be tweaked dynamicaly inside the editor.
  • 2 Blueprints: Proximity Door (Has Open/Close function triggered by collision boxes), Cable Spline Actor (Modular cable generator spline actor)
  • 6 Particle Effects (Cascade)
  • 9 Audio Files, 4 Audio Cues

Texture Sizes:

  • 1K (PBR)
  • 2K (PBR)
  • Contact for 4K (PBR) texture maps

Greyscale texture maps are channel packed. Single texture map for AO (Red), Roughness (Green) and Metallic (Blue)

Collision: 2 custom collisions made inside Unreal Engine, all the other meshes has default Unreal Engine collisions except for ceilling meshes (Ceilling meshes don't have collision)

Vertex Count: Between 176 - 7170 (See "Documentation" tab)

LODs: None

Number of Meshes: 45

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 55

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Numeric Data for all assets (Triangle/Vertex/Material counts) + Documentation for naming convention (MS Excell):

Naming Convention (Solo-PDF):

Contact for more (and for 4K texture maps):

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