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The material is very flexible and easy to use, with the great variety of forms and colors. PBR, Up to 4k inside Unreal Engine, using the substance plugin. The list of the adjustmens includes more than 50 options, alowing to fully customize the appearance of the material. The pack also contains 35 Prerendered 4k materials which are represent the possible varieties of the substance and can be used without the substance plugin.

Important note - Added ver. 1.2 of the material.

Video << overview of the new features.

All new stuff is added to the separate map(part2) and file folders from 26 to 35. The old substance file is moved to the "SubstanceOld" folder.

Notice that among the other features the Downscale feature was added and now you will always get the maximum quality sharp downscaled from 4k resolution to a desired textures.

Some more examples of the possible new look rendered with marmoset can be found here

Technical Details

Features: Use the full power of the substance plugin to drive more than 50 options to create a unique appearance of your rock\stone material. Video instruction is below.

Texture Resolutions: (complete list) 4k for the bitmap based; 4k,2k,1k,512, any for the substance based.

Number of Materials: 35 bitmap based + 2 Substance based

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: 2 Substance based - Yes, 35 bitmap based- No.

Number of Textures: 111

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Oculus

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Oculus


Important/Additional Notes: This pack requires the Substance plugin.

All material samples that are featured in this pack and much more may be reprodused 1 by 1, using the included substance. Height, Roughness, Ambient occlusion maps are packed inside the RMAH textures for both substance based, or bitmap based materials. However, the substance has an additional maps to choose via the substance based instance.

The sRGB option for non-basecolor maps should be unchecked.


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