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This project has been deprecated.

CityEngine Datasmith exports can now be imported into any Unreal Studio project

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This project is intended to be used in combination with Esri CityEngine. It contains several predifned master materials for CityEngine Datasmith exports. It also contains Blueprints which can be used to load and visualize metadata (GIS attributes) exported from CityEngine.

Technical Details

By default the CityEngine Datasmith exporter tries to map the CityEngine materials to appropriate Unreal master materials. This assignments can also be controlled within CityEngine CGA using set(material.shader, ).

The following list of master materials are available (note that new materials can also be created in Unreal and used from CityEngine):

/Game/Materials/CityEngineMaterials/M_CE_Opaque -- Intended to be used for opaque materials such as concrete or bricks.

/Game/Materials/CityEngineMaterials/M_CE_MaskedOpacity -- Intended to be used for masked (binary) opacity materials such as leaves from a tree.

/Game/Materials/CityEngineMaterials/M_CE_Transparent -- Intended to be used for translucent materials such as windows. Note that meshes with translucent materials should not be overlapping as this will cause rendering artifacts.

For example if you want to assign the the masked master material the following CGA code can be used: set(material.shader, "/Game/Materials/CityEngineMaterials/M_CE_MaskedOpacity").

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CityEngine to Unreal Engine quick start guide


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