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SQLite integration in your games and apps

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Playmaker scripts can be found here

SimpleSQL helps you integrate database storage into your game or project. Create level map links, store player stats, keep inventory specs, and much more!

Please note that SimpleSQL is a local database solution and cannot connect to server databases

- Attach SQLite databases to managers in your scene
- No need to move files around for mobile devices!
- Simple and efficient access to data using customizable classes or write your own SQL statements
-Store your data using an ORM structure or simple tables
- Optionally use the .NET System.Data library
- Works with PC Standalone, Mac Standalone, Linux, iOS and Android
- Works on both Unity and Unity Pro
- C# Source code included
- Works with Playmaker

Note: WP8 and Windows Store is not currently supported due to limitations in Microsoft's smaller .NET implementation. Source code is included, however, so you are free to modify for your project's needs

Note: Webplayer is not currently supported because file access is required, but webplayer cannot access files due to security restrictions


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