Boing Kit Dynamic Bouncy Bones, Grass, Water, and More

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Juice up your games by adding bouncy VFX!

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Version 1.2 New Feature: Dynamic Bouncy Bones
- Turn bones into dynamic bouncy bones, animated or not.
- Bouncy bones integrate well with existing boing effectors, all-new lightweight colliders within Boing Kit, and Unity's built-in colliders.

Version 1.1 New Feature: Propagation
- Just turn on propagation on reactor fields and the effects would propagate!
- Good for wind, water waves, shock waves, implosions, explosions, etc.

Boing Kit offers various options:
- Boing Behavior: Just add component, and game objects immediately become bouncy!
- Boing Effector & Reactor: Reactors react to effectors in a bouncy fashion.
- Boing Reactor Field: Reactor fields bring reactor effects to a whole different scale. Bounce an entire massive grass field using bombs and characters!

Boing Kit is performance-centric:
- Reactor fields run on GPU using compute shaders (with CPU alternative).
- For Unity 2018.1 or newer, Boing Kit utilizes Unity's job systems to run jobs in parallel across CPU cores for the boing component, effector component, and reactor component. Parallelization of the boing bones component as well as porting the use of Unity's job system to C# multithreading is currently being researched.

Boing Kit is easy to learn:
- Abundant examples.
- Full source code.

Render pipeline compatibility:
- All components (NOT materials) are compatible with scriptable render pipelines (including Unity's LWRP & HDRP) on Unity 2019.1 or newer.
- Materials included in the examples are targeted at the standard render pipeline. In order for GPU-based reactor field samplers to work in scriptable render pipelines, you'd have to call the shader functions provided by Boing Kit in your vertex shaders, as shown in the example shaders. It is recommended that you try out all the examples under Unity's standard render pipeline first.

Platform compatibility:
- The core logic for boing behaviors and reactors are simply modifying object transforms, so it should be compatible with all platforms Unity supports.
- The boing reactor field uses compute shaders by default. But if your targeted platform cannot run compute shaders, there is an alternative CPU mode.

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