Faucet Player System Physics Character Controller and Game Systems

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Version 1.5 Released. More details below

Faucet Player System (FPS) is a fully-functional and vastly extendable physics-based character controller system. Finally a smooth and reliable solution for fully physics-based character mechanics of any kind.

Windows Demo

Includes many built-in functionalities such as:

- Moving-Platform support with optional velocity inheritance.

- Extensive first-person and third-person camera system (With perspective switching)

- 3D Platformer Controller Example

- Slope Ski Example Controller

- 360 Slope Running Example Controller

- Humanoid Character Integration and Animator Controller (For First-Person Full-Body Awareness, and Third Person)

- IK Integration (Including Foot Grounding IK)

- Interacting with physics objects naturally

- Extensive and Extendable Interaction System

- Physics Sounds System

- Universal Health System

- Dynamic Physics Damage System

(New Functionalities Coming Soon in V2):

- Simple Inventory System

- Extensive Gun/Weapon System

- AI/NavMesh Integration
- Isometric Shooter Example
- Faucet Ropes System
- Improved Character Controller
- Improved Interaction System with Unity Events Inegration

New in Version 1.5:

- General Improvements
- Some Warnings and incompatibilities cleaned up
- Standard Assets No Longer Required

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