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**Major Update version 1.6:
Added 288 Modular Prefabs!
Featuring new Siege Castle Walls! and Advertised \"Foundation Templates\" for another new set for modular house creation! (As seen in video below)
1.6.1 is a minor patch update, featuring 5 new prefabs. 3 new towers with 90 degrees angle doors, and 2 new base tower pieces, for easier creation on uneven ground.
**Major Update Version 1.5:
Adding 383 new modular prefabs! (from both v1.3 + v1.5) 1.5.1 is now available, with new snowy rocks, and rock walls!

This package is made up of a new total of 1,688 modular structure and nature prefabs, 2048res atlas textures, PBR materials, and great quality, with medium- low poly counts for most prefabs.

Combine all 5 total \"main\" materials included in this package for a total of over 5,000+ modular prefabs. 90% of every structure and props models shown in videos, and screenshots (per scene), share only 1 texture UV layout, with a few extra textures for added props, etc..
Version 1.6 brings a new set called \"Foundation Templates\" in a folder called \"Prefabs Set 3.\" These pieces are pre-built house foundations set up as templates for you to manually / custom place your walls around how you want them to look!
Siege Castle pieces, are huge castle structures, fully walk-able in and out! Along with some 1-sided pieces included, for fast building!

Version 1.5 brought forth an entire new set to the package, located in a folder called: \"Prefabs Set 2 (NEW).\" Here, you will find an entire supply of modular housing pieces, and pre-made modules. These pieces are higher polys, and higher detailed, but with multiple stages of LODs included on all Tris heavy pieces!

There is a README included in the package, that explains the set-up for the file structure, and the way that it is organized for your convenience. Each category features *5 folder names called: \"Wood Light,\" \"Wood Dark,\" \"Wood Old,\" \"Wood Mossy,\" and \"Wood Mahogany!\" This is made this way to find prefabs associated with the appropriate materials with ease!
First NEW video: Showing a look at the new foundation template pieces, while building along, provided with a commentary about the new update!
(Second one in the list). First half of video, showing a modular breakdown of one of the new set house modules included, along with some of the unique modular walls and pieces included. Second half, shows a walk-through of the new Main Demo V1.5 included in the package!
The third video showcases the advertised Version 1.25 \"Highlands River\" demo scene!
The fourth video was made with the first package version and shows a quick fly-through with a bird's eye view of the demo scene included! This is a full demo scene, taking up the majority of the terrain. Everything (Except these trees in this particular video) is included. I do not own the rights to these Speed Tree trees, but they are available to download using Unity's Standard Assets!

**Want to see a detailed list of all of the 383 new prefabs included in version 1.5? See the \"Versions\" tab below for the \"Release Notes!\"

Version 1.0 (First release) FEATURING:
- 26 House modules
- 11 Rocks for added scenery
- 19 Modular chapel pieces
- 6 Large Structures: Castle Courtyard, Horse Stable, and Chapels
- 15 \"Fast Castle\" pieces (1 Sided Exterior Walls)
- 35 Castle Prefabs: Towers, Gatehouses, and different levels of Castle Walls
- 47 \"Fast Housing\" prefabs (1 Sided Exterior Walls)
- 16 \"Fast Housing\" Roofs
- 16 Floors, stairs, and platforms for houses
- 17 Modular Medieval Plaster House Walls
- 34 Modular Roof Pieces (Levels of Building)
- 24 Modular Stone House Walls (Levels of Building)
- 34 Modular Wood House Walls (Levels of Building)
- 35 Marketplace Food items and food barrels
- 11 Marketplace misc: Tables, and Awnings
- 28 Barrels and Crates, single and grouped
- 21 Training Dummies, Targets, and Arrows
- 29 Town Props: Fences, Wells, and Carts
- 16 Lanterns: basic and hanging
- 7 Misc Wooden Bridges
- 7 Wood and Stone Stacks
- 5 Hanging Carry Platforms
- 5 Wooden Cranes
- 15 Scaffolding pieces and Ladders


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