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HD and Lightweight not officially supported, experimental use with Post Processing V2.
Built-in renderer supported without PPS.
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Amplify Shader Editor - Award-winning node-based shader editor
Amplify Impostors - 1-Click Impostor Creator
Amplify Occlusion 2.0 sets out to deliver a new industry standard for fast, high-quality Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in Unity. This FREE UPDATE completely discontinues HBAO-based techniques in favor of the much superior Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO), bringing quality and accuracy closer to traditional raytracing.
A true all-in-one package, it provides an highly-robust and efficient way to simulate ambient occlusion and contact shadowing. Now you can attenuate reflections in occluded areas, make objects actually connect to the world and add real depth to your scenes with minimal effort.

Click Here to see it in action or check our Unity Forum Thread for more information.
It's a lightweight solution for consoles, mobile devices (GL ES 3.0, Metal), desktops, and even VR, higher-quality and more accurate than standard SSAO techniques. When compared to other solutions, it offers superior performance scaling and stable frame rates, even when combining high resolution and a large sampling radius.
• Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion
• PS4, Xbox One and Switch compatible
• Single and Multi-pass VR(known issues)
• Up to 2X faster than Amplify Occlusion 1.0
• Revamped Spatial and Temporal Filters
• Dramatically Higher-Quality
• Higher Flexibility
• Under 1 ms on a mid-range GPU at Full HD
• Accurate and fast-performing
• Deferred and Forward Rendering
• PBR compatible injection mode
• Multiple AO instances per-camera
• Improved temporal stability
• Reduced ghosting
• Superior occlusion approximation
• Extensive blur and intensity controls
Typical post-process occlusion techniques darken direct light the same way they darken everything else visible to the camera, which results in strong unnatural occlusion even on brightly lit surfaces. Our implementation provides an optional Deferred-path application mode that injects SSAO before the direct lighting stage in order to deliver natural, PBR-accurate results.
This solution also offers massive quality improvements to occlusion on distant surfaces, even when using a large kernel radius, due to superior and artifact-free occlusion approximation when compared to any currently available SSAO solution. It's great for both small and large scale scenes and any type of camera perspective.
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