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Some multiplayer games have mod support that allows people to modify or add various parts of the game like maps, game assets, scripts or configurations files. But SHADOWGUN:DeadZone Game Master’s Kit goes further than that. It is a snapshot of a real Unity 5.1 project with game sources and assets.

You can modify everything, even port the game to a new platform. Or you can just learn from the project and play around with it by changing the gameplay as you wish. You can use it as any other asset from the store, as long as you respect the SG:Deadzone public license agreement.

The game was released on Unity 3.5 around Christmas 2011 and it’s now available on Android, iOS and Facebook. Over the years, the studio has polished the game and provided dozens of server side stability and security improvements and fixes. Now they’ve decided to share the result of the whole experience with the Unity community.

Please play with it, modify it and have fun. If you ever want to share a really good modification to the game or if you would like to help the development process, join the game community here.

What the project includes:

  • fully functional online multiplayer game
  • client side & server side
  • 2 game modes included: deathmatch and zone control (domination)
  • 2 maps: core (deathmatch), vortex (zone control)
  • all the characters from the original game (reduced texture quality)
  • all the weapons and items from the  original game (reduced texture quality)

What we’ve added (not in the official version of the game):

  • server list — game server enumeration on LAN
  • possibility to connect a game server defined by ip:port (command line)

What is missing (compared to the official version):

  • matchmaking
  • anti-cheat
  • in-app purchases
  • commercials
  • various analytics

The networking part is powered by MuchDifferent’s uLink technology. The game is implemented around the authoritative server concept, where the server has everything under control.

Since the game doesn’t use the new Unity Multiplayer technology, it’s NOT a good place to learn it. However, the authoritative server concept is supported by both technologies. So, it should not be too difficult to port the game to Unity Multiplayer. Actually, uLink has evolved from a system similar to the old Unity networking system.

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