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MMO Accounts & Characters System 2 has been released!
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-What is MMO Accounts & Characters System?

MMO-ACS is a great package that easily implement in your game a fully working, fast and customizable Login/Register/Load systems for Accounts and Characters using a MySQL database and PHP. It's suitable for every type of game, multiplayer or not, and working on all platforms. It is developed to be super-user friendly for beginners and easly expanded and improved for intermediate/advanced users.

-For what framework is good MMO-ACS? It is also usable for single-player?

MMO-ACS is absolutely perfect suitable for EVERY framework, like Photon, Unet, DarkRift, Ulink etc. It's perfect for single-player games as well!


*Account creation with safe e-mail verify.

*Login account system

*Safe \"Forgot Your Password\" system that sends a link to reset the password of a specific account to his email.

*Character Creator: Select the Name, race, gender, faction, class, and any data you want, save it to the database and load it whenever you need.

*Character Selector: From your account have a list your characters with data and a preview of the model. The list is sorted by oldest -> newest character.

*Character Deleter: Delete your character from your account with a safe confirmation.

*Included C# scripts

*Included PHP scripts.

*Dinamic Alert Message.

*Server Selector Template

*Customizable settings.

From V 1.2

*Secured Scripts.

*Prevent SQL Injections.

*Prevent XSS attacks.

*Prevent CSRF attacks.

*Passwords hashed and salted, impossible to bruteforce.

*Sensitive data always hidden to users.

*Watch the videos for all the features!

-Do i have to know yet PHP and MySQL for using MMO-ACS?

The documentation will provide you an explanation on how this system works. You can find all PHP script necessary in the Assets/PHP folder, they are explained in the code and in the Docs. Also you will be guided step by step on how to add new functionality, it's all about writing few words! It is a good starting point to know at least what a query to a database is.

-I don't know how to start a Domain and setting up a MySQL database.

You will be also guided step by step on how to create a MySQL database, a Domain and an Email that use our domain to send verify messages and links that reset a specific account password.

For every doubts, thoughts infos etc please send me an email at:

You will be surely answered!

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