Fruit With Faces 3D Pack

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Introductory price. We may add more fruits and increase the price, so get it now!

Create fun games with these cute and expressive low poly fruits! also usable for static props and/ or items

This package contains:

37 different kinds of fruits!
1. red apple (350 tris)
2. green apple (350 tris)
3. apricot (390 tris)
4. banana (152 tris)
5. avocado (376 tris)
6. carrot (58 tris)
7. coconut (402 tris)
8. cucumber (128 tris)
9. grape (1342 tris)
10. eggplant (96 tris)
11. jackfruit (200 tris)
12. kiwi (112 tris)
13. lemon (84 tris)
14. mango (376 tris)
15. mangosteen (260 tris)
16. melon (244 tris)
17. orange (258 tris)
18. paprika (240 tris)
19. peach (202 tris)
20. japanese peach (202 tris)
21. pear (232 tris)
22. persimmon (142 tris)
23. pineapple (560 tris)
24. pitaya (dragon fruit) (408 tris)
25. pumpkin (383 tris)
26. radish (96 tris)
\r27. rambutan (1580 tris)
\r28. raspberry (1015 tris)
\r29. salak (180 tris)
\r30. starfruit (100 tris)
\r31. strawberry (270 tris)
\r32. tomato (312 tris)
\r33. watermelon (224 tris)
\r34. water apple (296 tris)
\r35. white radish (58 tris)
\r36. peeled banana (236 tris)
\r37. cherry (496 tris)
\r12 variations of cute animated facial expressions!
\r1. default
\r2. confused
\r3. happy
\r4. wacky
\r5. angry
\r6. shocked
\r7. sad
\r8. smug
\r9. smile
\r10. laugh
\r11. cheerful
\r12. excited
\rPrefabs for both the faceless and with face versions are provided. Prefabs for the faces are also provided.
\r- facial expression and fruits are provided as both separated and combined prefabs (can be used as character as well as props!)
\r- 1024x1024 beautifully handpainted textures
\r- 29 colorful splashes & squashes (1024x1024 png files)
\r- Sample scene included
\r- .blend files are provided
\rFeel free to contact us should you have suggestions


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