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Introducing Blend Modes, a powerful plug-in which allows you to change the blend mode of objects.


You can achieve a wide range of unique effects by applying any of the 25 different blend modes to UI graphics or text, particle systems, 3D meshes, 2D sprites and other objects.

With Blend Modes, you can make your game stand out from the crowd!

25 different blend modes, including overlay, luminosity, linear dodge, screen, vivid light and much more
• Render modes similar to Photoshop layer blending and layer overlay
• Can be easily applied to the most native renderers: UI images and text (including TextMesh Pro), sprites, meshes, cameras, particles, trails, etc
• Comes with an extension system, giving you the power to apply blend mode effects to any other components and shaders
• Fully compatible with the Unity’s masking system
• Has mobile-friendly optimization options

Be aware, that the asset has a limited compatibility with scriptable render pipelines (URP/HDRP) due to lack of the required rendering features. While it's possible, we're not recommending using Blend Modes with SRPs and not providing any support for such scenarios. Find more information in the documentation.


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