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World Political Map - 2D Edition 2 adds to your scene a beautiful, customizable and interactive 2D political map with just a couple of clicks. Drag the map prefab to your scene and customize the look & feel.
This new major version improves visuals and supports standard/built-in and LWRP. All new features and improvements will be included in this version while the previous version will just receive fixes.
Key Features:
* Procedurally draws the frontiers of 241 countries, 4112 provinces and states, and the location of the 7144 most populated cities in the world!
* Fully interactive map: zoom, pan, select, regions of countries, provinces/states and cities highlight as you pass the mouse over them.
* Viewport rendering targets (supports cropping, see video below for a demo)
* Supports Perspective and Orthographic projections
* Add markers and line animations over any country, province, city or custom location using latitude/longitude
* Can be instantiated and controlled by code (API and documentation provided).
Custom editor inspector with 4 extra awesome components:
* Calculator: unit converter from lat/lon to XY coordinates and city distance calculator.
* Tickers: scrolling, blinking and fading messages.
* Decorator: customize countries appearance (colors, textures, labels).
* Map Editor: build the map you need from inside the Unity Editor with advanced tools (create/modify/reshape/merge countries, provinces, cities...)
Additional Features:
- Three types of cities, including country and region capitals.
- Automatically draws country labels with placement options.
- Colorize countries, provinces/states or entire continents!
- Per country texture support!
- Find and fly smoothly to any country, state or city by its name from current position. Also locate/fly to any location in the map by latitude/longitude.
- Mount Points: add your custom strategic locations from the Editor and find/navigate/position objects on them easily.
- Two levels of details for frontiers at 110.00.000:1 and 30.000.000:1 scale.
- Imaginary lines: draw latitude, longitude and cursor lines.
- Lots of customization options: frontiers colors, highlight color, visibility of cities/frontiers/Earth, labels, ...
- 8 Earth styles from lightweight styles to advanced styles including Scenic shaders (clouds + relief effects) and high resolution textures up to 16K with custom shaders.
- No internet access required! Geographic data included in the asset, which does not use Google Maps nor any other map provider. Makes it very fast and works offline!
- Mobile friendly: tested on Android and iOS.
- Compatible with Unity 2018.4 and up.
- Compatible with standard/built-in and LWRP pipelines.
- Source code included (C#).
- Dedicated support forum .
Other editions:
- 2D Lite Edition
- Globe Edition (3D version)
- World Map Strategy Kit
- World Flags and Weather Symbols
Want them all? Check out our World Maps Pro Bundle .
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Product Documentation | Support Forum | Youtube Channel
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