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The Sewer/Underground Modular Pack is a modular pack of different sub modules that can be used for building an underground or transition type of levels for FPS/3rd Person Action or Horror games !

==> Added HDRP 6.9+ and 7.2+ support (Please read the couple HDRP notes below !)

==> NOTE : adding support packages for HDRP in the main package will increase it's size a lot. In order to keep the package at lowest possible size, users will have to use Unity 2018.x in order to download the Standard Pipeline version of the pacakge, Unity 2019.2 to download HDRP 6.9.x and Unity 2019.3 to download the HDRP 7.2.1 version of the package. If you still want to use the standard version in Latest Unity, please download the package using 2018.x and then open the project with newer version of Unity !

It contains:

* 6 sub sets with different look
* 1 set of common modular parts
* 1 set of modular walking platforms
* 2 sets of Pipes
* 1 set of Props
* Cracks and Grunge decals

* Post Processing Stack v2.0 - (Standard Pipeline only) A bunch of post processing assets to be used with the \"Post Processing Stack v2.0\", are provided !
* PBR setup using Metal-Smoothness workflow. Many of the objects are using custom painted textures while others are using common materials like bricks and concrete.
* All textures - 2048 x 2048
* There are some common materials like:
- bricks
- concrete
- ground tiles
- wall tiles

You can use any of the sub modules to create a separate scene or to combine them in one scene by using transition tiles as in the demo scene included in the pack!

NOTE : The screenshots are captured straight from the game - \"Post Processing Stack v2.0\" is used for color correction for Standard Pipline and a few screenshots showing HDRP are also available!

NOTE : HDRP post-processing differs from the Standard package. It is pre setup and available in the demo scene !

* Go to Forum Thread

* Try the demo - link at the first page of the forum thread !

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