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This is a fully functional Elevator system that comes with the elevator boxcar, elevator shaft, cables, and the door frames for each floor
The elevator is completely rigged and has animating doors, cable wires, pulley system.
There are also several C# script files that control the elevator, doors, and lights.
This package also includes relevant sounds such as the elevator moving, doors opening/closing, floor bell ding.
The elevator boxcar has working doors and buttons and also an escape hatch on the roof.
Each button can be pressed to call the elevator
There is also a working LED display system which shows what floor the elevator is currently on
Playable Demo
The entire system is modular and is possible to add / remove floors.
The triangle/vert counts are:
Elevator Boxcar
8028 triangles, 9766 vertices
Floor Frame
340 triangles, 482 vertices
Railing Support Beams
5500 triangles, 8000 vertices
The materials are all PBR configured and each model has a set of albedo / normal / specular / gloss texture maps
Texture sizes vary from 2048x2048 to 512x512.
The following videos are for people who have purchased the package and want to know how to modify the pre-existing elevator system.
Duplicating Elevator System in a Scene
Removing floors from Elevator System
Adding floors to Elevator System

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