We are out of beta!

published on 27 December 2020


We are out of beta!

We have completed the main work on the site and are ready to announce version 1.0!

What changed?

  1. We have automated loading assets. Now new assets will be uploaded to the site as quickly as possible!
  2. Now some of the assets can be used for commercial purposes. On the page with the asset, you can download the purchase receipt and, if necessary, show it to the author if he has any claims against you.
  3. Collecting donations for assets. An opportunity to make a donation appeared on the page with the asset. The money will be used to buy new assets. This will help us load even more assets, as well as provide a purchase receipt to everyone.
  4. We have completely removed all ads on the site. Instead, we inserted several ad units for our game. You can join the game and get $ 10,000!

Thanks for attention. Look forward to more new special events in the future!