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Videos: Cinematic - Features - Sub-Biomes - Wind System

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The most comprehensive and realistic Scots Pine environment available. Fully scan-based, game-ready assets with up to 8k textures, distance billboards, complete with various Sub-Biomes to create incredible forest diversity.

Quickly paint and procedurally generate the Sub-Biomes with our intuitive "BiomePainter" workflow and bring the forest alive with our scalable wind system.

Use included Blueprint tools to help you create faster.

Comes with a massive, fully generated experimental 64km2 example map complete with distance meshes and various example lighting conditions.


Our goal is to provide the best possible visuals quality while still being scalable enough to run on average hardware. Comes with some of the most detailed game-ready assets available online.

All of our assets and tileables are fully 3D Scans based and include up to 8k texture resolution for incredible close-up detail.


All of our assets are fully game-ready with LODs, wind, collision, optimized view distances, and LOD ratios out of the box.


Choose between 6 different Sub-Biomes; Mossy, Mixed, Dry, Border, Dead, and Open Fields, all ready to be generated with their own unique properties and visual identities.


Use our BiomePainter workflow to quickly paint and generate the different Sub-Biomes which allows you to create incredibly varied environments with minimal effort and time spent.

We are fully utilizing Unreal's procedural systems to make sure that every world you create is both unique and organic feeling.


From small ground scatter to massive cliffs and distance meshes, our biome packs are much more than just a simple forest, it allows you to compose vast landscapes that hold up no matter where you look.

1 square kilometer EXAMPLE MAP

Our pack comes with a fully generated 1km2 example map. This includes a beautifully composed area with roads, mudslides, and massive cliffs as well as high detail distance mountain meshes.

MASSIVE 64 square kilometer EXAMPLE MAP (experimental)

Furthermore, we ship a fully generated 64km2 example map. This includes the same areas as the 1km2 example map but much vaster spaces. Keep in mind this is an experimental addition and due to engine-related issues/limitations, it is not the most optimized experience. We include a much lighter and smoother 1K map for this reason.


Our pack comes with 3 different lighting conditions, standard, dawn, and stormy, complete with respective HDRIs. A good baseline to help you create your own look.


Comes with 4 comprehensive master materials all containing a wide range of abilities such as multi-texture blending, PDO shadows, Macro/Detail maps, object to landscape blending, per instance color variation, displacement mapping/offset bump mapping, and much more.

We also include MPC's to control wind and wetness


To help speed up to medium to large scale level creation we made a SplineTool Blueprint, allowing for quick repeated placement and bending of static meshes such as cliffs, mudslides, roads, and more.

We also include a Wind controller which allows for a more visual way of wind adjustment.


  • Trees: 8
  • Trees Small/Saplings: 9
  • Trees Sick/Dead: 4
  • Trees Broken/Rotten: 7
  • Rocks: 24
  • Cliffs: 16
  • Mudslide: 13
  • Roads/Paths: 7
  • Plants: 29
  • Ground Scatter: 33
  • Ground Bases: 6


  • We found performance to be quite inconsistent across engine versions.
  • The 64km2 experimental map is a very heavy map to load due to the amount of content/size. Weaker machines may struggle with it based on our tests on a laptop with an i7 and a GTX 970m.
  • Our products ship in an optimized state. What this means is that to get the full "Next-Gen" experience, you will need to check the "Lighting Info" and "Cinematic Settings" section in our documentation.
  • We rely heavily on Distance Fields for lighting. This is something that might need to be enabled manually as by default it is disabled. To enable: Edit -> Project Settings -> Search: distance fields -> Check "Generate Mesh Distance Fields" tickbox -> restart engine. Without this, the lighting will not look correct!!
  • To be able to generate the PFS' you need to have procedural foliage enabled in the editor preferences. To enable: Edit -> Editor Preferences -> Search: procedural -> Check "Procedural Foliage".
  • Some of the objects we have scanned weigh several tons and many meters. There's no way to scan them from all the sides. Hence our rocks and cliffs usually don't have undersides.

Disclaimer: Showcased lighting not necessarily representative of final product.

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Technical Details


  • Next Generation visual fidelity
  • 3D Scanned assets and tileables
  • Up to 8K texture resolution
  • 6 different Sub-Biomes to choose from: Grassy Fields, Forest Border, Dead Forest, Dry Forest, Mixed Forest, Mossy Forest
  • Intuitive BiomePainter procedural workflow -> Create a varied forest by painting and then generating via 1 click.
  • Detailed 1 square kilometer example map
  • Massive 64 square kilometer example map
  • Optimized LODs and Billboards
  • Distance meshes
  • 4 comprehensive master shaders
  • Cloud shadows material
  • Spline Tool Blueprint
  • Global wetness material function
  • Scalable wind system
  • Fully Game Ready and optimized

Until we add official UE5 support (currently not possible since UE5 is still in preview), keep in mind the following:

  • There will be some minor shader tweaks you will have to do (Explained in our Discord)
  • The 64 square kilometer map crashes in UE5.0 Preview 2 (Works fine in all UE4 versions)

Foliage heavy scenes do not work well with UE Raytracing and RealBiomes is no exception to that rule.

Number of Unique Meshes: 156

Collision: Yes

Vertex Count: 10-60000

LODs: All meshes have 1-6 LODs

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 65

Number of Textures: 106

Texture Resolutions: 2k-8k

Platform: PC


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