Third Person Weapon Combat System

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09.05.2021 Update:

Bug fixes:

  • fixed ragdoll bug that would disconnect the character mesh from the capsule
  • fixed errors with crosshair scaling
  • fixed warnings in the output log

24.03.2021 Update:

added affiliation (gang) system ( pic ):

  • the system lets you chose the affiliation your characters belong to
  • 4 types of relationships between the affiliations: ignore, like (friendly), neutral and hate (enemy)
  • moreover it is possible to tag additional actors as enemies

pickup improvements:

  • added GTA4 style pickups with mesh physics (both previous and the new one is available)
  • added a functionality which lets you set the pickups to be picked up by pressing the 'Interact' key instead of an automatic pickup
  • fixed pickups disappearing when possessing other actors


  • fire will now affect the nav mesh
  • improved AI shooting: AI will strafe if their sight to the enemy is blocked by another character
  • improved Player's crosshair scaling when firing guns
  • improved Melee lock on system (the camera won't twitch)
  • reworked player respawn system (now it works by placing a PlayerStart actor and setting its tag to "Hospital"); also fixed the broken teleporting
  • general improvements to the AI character class so its easier to setup AIs directly in the editor
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Technical Details


  • Four types of weapons: Melee, IntantHit, Projectile and AreaEffect
  • Projectile class
  • AreaEffect class
  • Melee system
  • Health and armour system
  • Ragdoll
  • Hit Reaction system
  • Fire class
  • Pickup class
  • Lock On system
  • Testing AI: able to use the weapons and detect enemies (sight and damage - AI Perception)


  • 77 BPs overall
  • 2 Controllers (AI and Player)
  • 3 Main character classes (Master character, player and AI) + 2 testing AI
  • 1 Animation Blueprint
  • 1 Weapon master class; 17 child examples
  • 6 Projectile BPs (1 master, 5 examples)
  • 3 AreaEffect BPs (1 master, 2 examples)
  • 1 Pickup master class; 4 children
  • 1 Fire BP
  • 4 components
  • 7 interfaces
  • 1 ragdoll test BP
  • 2 Damage Types
  • 2 Camera Shakes
  • 2 Decorators, 16 Tasks, 1 Service
  • 1 Gamemode
  • 19 Enums, 12 structures

Skeletal meshes: 16 weapon meshes + 1 UE mannequin

Animations: 161 sequences (Anim Starter Pack included), 6 Aim Offsets, 6 Blendspaces, 23 Anim Montages

Materials: 23 materials + 26 instances

Textures: 75

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows


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  • Unreal Engine
  • 4.26
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