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Handy Quest System allows you to create quests quickly and easily. This system is fully adaptive for any project you are working on. You can add to your project and with few changes it can already be used with 100% efficiency.

The only thing you really should do in the setup is to recreate the casts to your character, but everything is documented step by step even for those who are starting to use unreal today.

Technical Details


  • Go to location objective
  • Interact with actor objective
  • Reward on finish quest (money, item or both)
  • Add how many objectives you want
  • Sound after quest is finished
  • Can be easily integrated with dialogue systems
  • 100% in Blueprint

Update 2.0

  • Multiple objectives, multiple quests and non-linear objectives.
  • Huge UI improvement, now one scroll list pop-up automatically with all Quests titles and objectives tasks.
  • Text are part of functions now
  • Starter Quest can participate in his own quest.
  • New Example Map

Update 1.1

  • Kill actors objective
  • Spawn actors to kill objective
  • Now is more easy to choose a class and actor, using the tags method.
  • Array of actors in the same objective to interact.


  • Reward at any step in quest, without finalize them
  • Timer inside Quests
  • Quit/cancel a quest
  • Fail quest
  • Start a new quest when ends one quest

Number of Blueprints: 19

Input: Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Linux: Yes

Xbox One: Yes

PlayStation 4: Yes

Documentation: See above.


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