Modular Abandoned Building

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A modular abandoned building with an interior that includes well-designed two floors of the building, as well as a basement.

The project includes:

Walls, windows, doors, roofs and other details for the construction of modular abandoned buildings (from concrete wall panels). Modular building models, basically, have a finished painted texture, and also have the ability to complement its vertex painting

Floor, roof and road material are vertex painting materials.

Technical Details

Two types of modular stairs.

Various old furniture and its various variations

Various thematic (military) interior items

Electric models - an electric panel, various lighting lamps, sockets, switches, etc

Modular building kit allows you to build buildings of various shapes and a different number of floors.

 The height of the wall panel is 380 cm.

The wall panels of the building are 600 and 400 cm long.

Doorway height 210 cm.


  • Modular system of walls, ceilings, and other elements
  • High quality of models and textures

Texture Size: The resolution of the textures is varied (from 512 to 4096)

Vertex Count:

Modular elements - beams, columns and wall panels (from 12 to 1995)

Modular elements of stairs (from 230 to 13 990)

Exterior and interior doors (from 230 to 2 280)

Concrete fence (1 817)

Metal beds and separate elements (from 781 to 35 335)

Mattresses and blankets (from 1 891 to 3 735)

Gas mask with filter (from 1 640 to 5 527)

Weapon boxes (from 472 to 4 009)

Collision: Yes (automatically, individual)

LODs: Yes (95 Meshes)

Number of Unique Meshes: 436

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 111 (PBR materials)

Number of Textures: 306

Blueprints: Yes (entrance and interior doors)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes: The project includes Hierarchical Z-Buffer occlusion by default (HZB occlusion = 1).


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