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Price decreased since new major version is in development

Ready solution for you survival FPS games!

Main features:


- Animation based FPS controller
- Weapon sway, lean corners (procedural), headbob, walk bob
- Consumable system (hunger, thirst)
- Walk sounds
- Body controller

- Any firearms (shotgun, SMG, rifle, automatic weapon, pistol, sniper rifles, etc), rocket launcher, melee weapon, grenades
- Tools for fast weapon creation
- Physical bullets
- Hit decals, particles, sounds
- Auto pool system for bullets, particles, decals, shells.

- Grid inventory like in the Diablo, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and other games.- You can create ammo, consumables (food, medkits), weapon pickups, and items without type (can be used as gameplay object).
- Inventory support stacking/unstacking objects.
- Drag&Drop behavior with smooth, lerped transition.
- Equipment slots are supported.
- Custom inventory creation tool.

- Ready to fight AI system.
- NPCs that will hide from you, take covers, move through the map and find the best way to kill you. It's not regular AI template that just standing and shooting you.
- Sample Zombie AI.
- Stealth.
- Spine Aim IK

- Object placement/Building system with scriptable objects.
- Automatic UI creation for added new buildings.
- Inventory works with building system to provide resources for building.

The most part of actions is automatized with the package tools but you still need to know unity basics and scripting. Do not wait that this asset will make game for you. This asset will be a great start for your project but all the other things like UI setting, new features and others are only in your hands


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